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Oil Expert Enhancing Medium Satin 30 ml

Use our 3 professional media to achieve oil-based but fast curing matt satin and high gloss effects while using your favourite oil paints. Matt medium can be used with usual techniques performed with white spirit/odourless turpentine such as wash, streaking or blending or simply while painting to speed up things Medium ensures quick curing of your oils so you can add new layers far more quickly and don't worry about your effects being wiped away, it's great for painting figures. Satin and gloss media will turn your oils into enamel-like paints with extra shine and open time of 24-48h. If your oils dry matt while you wish for more gloss these will solve the problem. ​Product is dedicated for oil paints of all brands. Can be used over any acrylic base and enamel bases by the following companies: Humbrol®, Revell®, Model Master®. IMPORTANT: Tamiya® enamel base coats are incompatible!

​Combine with: Oil paints

Recommended techniques: Brush

How to use Oil Expert matt type?

You can mix it with oils without any constrains. Add little while painting more while creating SFX such as streaking, washes and the like. Curing time will be sped up to 24-48h depending on how much paint is in your mix. 

How to use Oil Expert satin and gloss types?

​A mix with satin type should contain 5-25% paint, the rest should be the medium. A mix with the gloss medium should contain 5-50% of paint the rest should be the medium. This way you can  retain the shine and gloss of media as well enjoy better drying times. Too much paint may result in dull coats or excessive drying time. As all oil paints differ it's best to conduct a test to find out a sweet spot for your particular application.

Oil Expert has funny colour, will it affect my paint?

No, the original paint colour will not be affected. Satin and gloss media will deepen the original shade due to the "wet stone" effect this is a plus and your goal while using this type of media. 

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