Der Strabokran - German Gantry Crane 1942-45 [Volker Ruff]
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Der Strabokran - German Gantry Crane 1942-45 [Volker Ruff]

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Der Strabokran - German Gantry Crane 1942-45

The Strabokran gantry cranes were an indispensable tool for maintaining the new Tiger and Panther tanks and Elefant tank hunter near to the front line. Another use of the gantry crane was, from 1944, with the Division z.V. for loading and unloading of delivered A4 (V2) rockets onto the ‘Vidalwagen’ or ‘Meillerwagen’ launching trailers.

For the first time, this fascinating gantry crane’s development history is documented, with patent applications, as well as its use in action with the Panzer-Werkstattkompanien, engineering units and Division z.V., based on original documents and a lot of pictures. Seen for the first time is a complete series showing the removal and replacement of a Panzer turret and other uses. By drawings and close-up photos, a comparison of 15t and 16t Strabokran shows the differences between both gantry crane types. Also included for modellers a detailed set of drawings of all Strabokran variants in 1/35 scale. Two hundred fifty-six pages, more than 240 images, contemporary and close-up pictures of survivors, mostly printed in large format, tables, patents, K.St.N., and scale drawings.

This is the only book that covers the Strabokran in the detail that model makers need and is a perfect companion to the Takom kits 2108 and 2109.


Title: Der Strabokran German Gantry Crane 1942-45
Author: Volker Ruff
ISBN-10: 978-3000340024
Fomat: Hardcover
Pages: 256 pages
Photo's: 240+  + 1/35th scale plans
Dimensions: 304×248×34 mm (landscape)
Language: German/English
Released: 2011


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