Flat Coat Clear

1oz (30ml) water based acrylic

Mission Models Clear coats are a pure acrylic water based top coat. Due to the nature of our unique formula Mission Models clear coats are extremely durable and glass smooth when used properly. Our top coats will accept all decal setting solutions , washes , filters and are chemically resistant.

Want to dip clear parts? Thin our Gloss coat to a water like consistency dip your clear parts wick off extra and let air dry or under UV/IR lights.

We recommend adding just a few drops of Mission Models MMA-002 or 003 to the gloss and airbrushing in light wet coats and building up for a flawless lacquer like finish. We also recommend spraying between 10 and 15 psi Please see our product support page for more tricks , tips and usage guide lines.

Gone are the days of floor wax !
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